Sunday, June 6, 2010

Looming "Third Bubble" about to go ............. Pop!

First equities (2000), then credit (2006) and now bonds (20XX????).

Don't hold your breath, but don't wait too long to get in either. Always be protected out there (TBT!).


  1. I'm mostly long this week and feeling very nervous about it. Nikkei down 4% Sunday night. Nooooo!!!!!

  2. Monday Morning:

    Forecast drizzly and cold. First buy LUV at 11.80 (300 sh)

  3. sold off a DIA put and went long 100 sh of TNA at 41.58.

    Need a market bounce now, over 90% bullish bias now...

  4. June 8th - still waiting for my bounce! Going with TBT being WAY oversold and beatifically depressed, took June (front month!) calls, 10 @ 41 strike for 0.39 and another 20 @ 0.42.

    AN hour after the trade, TBT is currently wallowing DOWN :( so still hoping for my recovery bounce!

  5. TBT, see above, in for another 20 at 0.33.

    50 contracts total for $1,880. Expires in 8 days. That's what's called a gamble in this game (which it shouldn't be given $13T in debt, but oh well)