Monday, January 31, 2011

Emerging Markets Pummeled by Inflation

"The political turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt is a reminder of the days when emerging markets were the Wild West of investing."

"While it is easy to dismiss events in those countries as unlikely to be repeated elsewhere, especially in Asian and Latin American nations with strong economic growth, investors in emerging markets are facing a much riskier landscape as a result of inflation."

"While most of the moves in emerging markets haven't been big, they mark a change in the outlook from 2010 when their fortunes seemed much brighter than that of struggling developed markets."

"'We currently view overheating within the emerging-market complex as the greatest macro peril facing the global economy," Michael Shaoul of Oscar Gruss & Son wrote in a research note Friday."

Thursday, January 13, 2011


And it wasn't even that big of a miss! They guided down from $1.85B to $1.70.  This happens once in awhile, especially considering this is a high growth company.  I wonder investors in other high-flyers are going to take this as fair warning, I mean, a paltry 8.4% earnings forecast revision, in the grand scheme of things, is not all that bad. If you're a NFLX investor you must be wondering right now what could happen if the pink ponies and pixel dust dries up on your position, one that has had an 800% run in 2 years. (and almost twice the P/E of CSTR, as of yesterday).

I think it would result in the Smell of Fear. And so it begins. Let's call this for what it is, the beginning of the correction?